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The number need to change an election

At Last

Siler City, NC sits in Chatham County. It is on the verge of great change, development, and an infusion of true diversity. But the racist and the ignorant are trying hard to cling to the power they have to shape the city for their own benefit. They live in those nice homes, and don't worry about the bills and food worries we all have to worry about. We have been blessed as the masses to be empowered by new faces and new talent that will fight for us. It's time we exercise the power they have so heavily relied on us overlooking. STAND UP and SAVE SILER!


Where our power exist 

Our power exists in the fact we the minorities who make up the majority of this town can come together in ways they never expected. The powers that be and the old guard in the black community expect us to just sit back and take their lead on everything. Well that stops, like times before we organize, it started with one and grew over the past few months. One house and a few people and here we are today! Host a meeting, there is an organization that will bring in the food and drinks and we get to talk and they listen!



Host a party in your home and event the real people of the town within the voting district. Be slient and take it seriously, the old guard in the black community is filled with people who for years have done nothing but report back! We have to stay on top of our issues. Has life gotten better for any of us? 


How has life gotten better really for any of us? Do we care about the open parks and trail ways? Or are we struggling to eat and find access to the world? Honestly ask this question? our LatinX people know and the ones that can vote will! Let us stand up against the racism and call it what it is. No more being afraid!


Our vote in this election is as important as the President. These people have sat there, and just done nothing that has help us the people. As we gather we hear other stories, stories that help in a way to let us know we are not alone, and to hear from people that won't to help and do something to change or at least to try to change it. Key word there TRY to change it... Do you know most of this board has been in office for close to 10 years? ???

Fadley being the only exception!