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Who is Behind The 'Save Our Siler' Rebel Group?

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Alec Hauser’s boisterous claims and false lies are fueled by group members who are living outside Siler City. Many who have loved groups associated with the Jan 6 commission, rebel flag supporters, clan members, and riddled with the dog whistles of racism, “get out of this town run them out.” Calling to their militia to bare arms and send threats notes, slash tires, and have even threatened to lynch. Relentlessly, they spend valuable time trying to take down good men with exaggerated truths and misinformation, seeing their efforts daily to help good people fail rather than succeed to prevent them from going on to do good for the unheard people of Siler City.

They have been endorsed and sourced by the local newspaper which has been controlled by Chatham media group owned by developers and outside influencers who do not reside in Siler City, the very thing they accuse these candidates of. Isn’t that interesting.

Endorsed and sourced, Hauser uses social media to rally his fringe group and set them on a path of invoking the county's infamy of racism and homophobia. A grip this group does not want to give up. Fortunately hate speech and misinformation is something social media such as Facebook is aware of but propaganda groups find loopholes to tarnish public figures. It is something Facebook is actively correcting.

In 2022 a town whose majority is made up of people of color has seen no real representation which has led to the forcible displacement of families. Their tears, protests, and their pleas to city officials to help have perpetually unanswered.

Black people who live in fear of powerful whites have been speaking in the city. “ We get no help only from those blacks who play the game settling for the crumbs.”

Hauser works for Palmetto Air and Water Balance, a company that was founded by a couple who had a dream and made something of that dream. Now in several cities they help train others to better themselves. You would think that being in a working environment like this would welcome creativity and progress. I suppose that progress can only happen if the hue is right.

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